Tips On Cleaning Your Own CPAP Machine

VirtuClean may be the most recent cleaner from VirtuOX. Your CPAP can be cleaned by this small machine in less than 30 minutes. It’s portable and easy to use. Unlike other CPAP cleaners that this system will not use water. What this means is it doesn’t have any maintenance problems in any respect. The VirtuClean remoes 99.99% of the damaging bacteria. The battery prices relatively quickly (two hours) and it has a lifetime of 10 decades. It has a 18 month warranty and is perfect for home usage.

In order to like a healthy air therapy, the mask, tubing system and humidifier equipment should be cleaned. Pros suggest that patients should wash their masks and adjust the water. Also, on a weekly basis the tube of this CPAP and the humidifier chamber should be rinsed with a mild detergent for proper therapy. The problem is that not all of patients stick to such strict and regular cleanup guides…

The result is that the standard of their therapy becomes lower, then patients need to replace CPAP parts. As a result of this VirtuCLEAN waterless CPAP cleaner, each and every day patients are now able to enjoy clean and compliant therapy, while prolonging the overall lifetime of their equipment.


Disinfecting and cleaning the CPAP equipment hasn’t been easier. Only plug in to the Virtuox Virtu CLEAN, change it on and let it perform its work. You will find yourself a CPAP/Bi-Level equipment that is wash and totally sterile able to offer you the maximum compliant air therapy.

By disinfecting your CPAP equipment using VirtuCLEAN, you will be rid of most the disease causing.

Patients will not clean their CPAP equipment thoroughly enough, or enough. VirtuCLEAN automatic waterless cleaner helps maintaining your CPAP equipment disinfected and clean without any hassles. It will start an automatic cleaning / disinfecting process once you switch on the equipment. You do not need to worry that you just did not wash your device enough. Some other good news is the fact that the device doesn’t require regular maintenance like cleansing devices.
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VirtuCLEAN by Virtuox is an compact disinfecting and cleaning device. Additionally, it can be used in several environments, while vacationing and it can be simply taken by patients together. Usage of the VirtuCLEAN is easy, without any further accessories, adapters or hassles. You do not have to exchange filters, so maintenance is. According to people who bought and utilize the CPP cleaner, this device is offering a period to very excellent results, quick and easy to use.

VirtuCLEAN fits within almost any environment, as a result of its compact and small form. The cleanup system has. With each charge, you get approximately 7 full cleaning cycles for your CPAP equipment like mask, water chamber, humidifier plus tubing.

VirtuCLEAN represents the ideal cleaning and disinfecting method of your CPAP equipment. Now you can forget about having to clean clean and clean your tubing and mask . A cleanup and disinfection cycle wills conduct .