Stay Safe Warm And Save A Bundle With The iHeater Infrared Heater

iHeater Infrared Heater

Have you heard about the iHeater Infrared Heater? You’re sure to have heard lots of good things about this energy saving, innovative new way to safely beat the cold while saving a fortune on your energy bill.

The iHeater Can Warm A Large Room For A Few Cents A Day

The powerful iHeater Infrared Heater is capable of keeping a very large space – 1000 square feet – nice and toasty for just a few cents a day. It does it using cutting edge, efficient infrared technology. While most heaters just heat the immediate surrounding area, the iHeater Infrared Heater heats the whole room at half the cost of other space heaters.

iHeater Infrared Heaters are quiet, too! You’ll only know it’s there thanks to your warm fingers and toes! You won’t hear a lot of whirring and clattering as you might with other portable heaters. On top of that, the iHeater Infrared Heater is safe. It bears the ETL Listed Mark as meeting or exceeding safety requirements for portable home heaters.

The iHeater Portable Heater Is Safe For Kids And Pets

iHeater Heats Cool Air Drawn Through The Portable Heater

There will be no accidental burns with the iHeater Infrared Heater. Its exterior stays cool, no matter how long it runs. You won’t have to worry about kids or pets being injured. Nor will you need to worry about a fire. The steady heat produced by the iHeater portable heater will keep your room consistently warm, but the heater will never become dangerously hot.

The great qualities of iHeater Infrared Heaters are all owed to their powerful and efficient quartz titanium oxide coated heating elements. You can get as much as 60,000 hours of heat from these safe, durable, ETL approved heating elements.

The iHeater Infrared Heater Is Environmentally Friendly

iHeater Infrared Heaters Are Safe For Kids And Pets

You can feel good about protecting the environment when you use the iHeater Infrared Heater. Not only does it save energy, it also comes with reusable, washable filters, so you won’t be tossing used filters into the landfill on a regular, ongoing basis. In fact, with proper care, you will never have to replace the filters. Where many heaters use infrared glass bulbs, the iHeater portable heater uses a titanium element, so you won’t have to worry about replacing and disposing of bulbs. The titanium element should last a lifetime.

The iHeater Infrared Heater is incredibly rugged and durable. It comes with a complete one year warranty; however, you won’t have to worry about built-in obsolescence with this fine heater. It may seem that the sticker price is a bit steep, but just keep in mind, you should only have to buy your iHeater portable heater once. After that, you can enjoy a savings of 50% on your heating bill all winter every winter.

iHeater Infrared Heaters are not available in stores so visit the official website at to order your iHeater Infrared Heater. Try it for 30 days! If you aren’t delighted with it, just send it back, and the kind folks at iHeater will refund your money. It’s as simple as that! Be safe and warm and save a bundle this winter and every winter from now on with the iHeater portable heater.

User Reviews For The iHeater Infrared Heater

We were a little unsure as to whether or not to buy an iHeater Infrared Heater, as we did not have much luck with a comparable heater we bought some time ago. We own a large home outside of town, which was heated by propane. Unfortunately, since most of the heat disappeared up into our high vaulted ceilings, the amount of fuel used to heat our home as you can imagine was quite high. With the spiralling cost of propane and especially in view of the warranty offered by iHeater we decided to take a gamble to see if three of these portable heaters would meet our needs.  We were so glad we did we purchased these iHeaters, as we are now making a saving of around $50 per month in heating costs when compared to using our propane heating at temperatures above 65°F. With the iHeater Infrared Heater we can adjust the temperature level to provide a warm level of comfort whilst at the same time saving money on our fuel bill. After recommending these portable heaters to our family, my son and his family are contemplating buying an iHeater for their home and a friend has told us that they have bought one based on our advice. Out of all of our investments this year, the purchase of these iHeaters must be the best!

Mr & Mrs Sherar

I was using over $1500 of propane gas to run my gas furnace and bought my first iHeater Infrared Heater at the beginning of last year. During the past year I have not had the need to use my gas furnace. Since my wife passed away several years ago, I have shut up most rooms in my home that I don’t use. I now spend most of my day in my kitchen and den and use my iHeater portable heater in there. At night I set my iHeater to a setting of around 67 to 68 and when I wake up the following day I then turn the portable heater to the large room setting and within 2½ hours the temperature is back up to 71 to 72. I do not have any more fuel bills apart from my electric bill that has gone up by about $40 to $50 a month but this is economical when compared with my propane gas bill of $1500!

Mr W C Culbreth

Over the past couple of decades, I have sought to find the best possible source of heat to warm my home and have found that my three iHeaters are the answer. These portable heaters are more than capable of heating our home which is around 2100ft2 in size. Although we suffered some very cold weather in October and November, we have had no need to use any oil to keep our house warm thanks to the versatility of the iHeater Infrared Heater. I calculated that in a year, our iHeaters helped us save nearly $1800 in oil fuel! These terrific portable heaters are effortless to move around our home and plug into a normal power outlet for added convenience.

Mr G B Garlick

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