Queen Air Mattress Care and Maintenance

If you’ve ever purchased an air bed, you know how easily they can develop leaks.  Sometimes it seems as though you can just sneeze on them and next thing you know, you’ve got a hole.  Although it can seem hit or miss, there are some steps you can take to keep your queen air mattress ready for use, and reduce the risk of developing leaks in your air mattress.

Coghlan’s 8880 Airstop

You can do your best to reduce the risk of leaks, but sometimes they just happen. The best way to not throw away the investment you’ve made in your air mattress is to repair it with a good patching solution. One of the best available is


. It’s a liquid repair solution for vinyl and ideal for air mattresses. No other patching material required. It gets really good reviews and has several 5 star ratings. Worth a look.

Ok, now let’s focus on what you can do to prevent leaks…

Don’t Put Too Much Air Into Your Inflatable Mattress
The first tip deals with understanding the materials that are used to construct an air mattress. Many air mattresses are made from a Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) plastic. The individual plastic pieces are stitched together to form seams. As you inflate the air bed, the plastic and the seams begin to stretch. So, the first thing many manufacturers recommend is to inflate your mattress for the first time to only about 90% of its total capacity. The idea is to allow the plastic to expand a bit, without over-extending it. After several hours, you should deflate the mattress. You can repeat this a few times if you like. Then you can fully inflate the air bed. The key is to never put too much air into the mattress. Over inflating WILL cause leaks…guaranteed. Only inflate the mattress until the desired firmness is achieved.

The Longer You Can Leave The Air Mattress Inflated, The Better
If you can avoid it, don’t constantly inflate and deflate the air bed. Again, remember, the seams hold the plastic sections together. The more stress you put on the seams, the more likely you are to have problems. If it is practical, leaving your air mattress filled with air for several days of use, versus inflating and deflating each day is your best bet.

Common Sense Tips To Extend The Life of Your Queen Air Bed
Now its time for a few obvious suggestions. Although it may be big fun for the kids, its recommended that you don’t allow them to jump and play on the inflatable mattress. As the surface of the bed is pushed down, air is forced outward, stretching the seams. That is a recipe for disaster. Same goes with ignoring the weight capacity limitations of the air bed. If one or more individuals combine to exceed the documented weight limits over an extended number of occurrences, you may run into problems. Lastly, even though we love our cats and dogs, you should attempt to keep them away from the air mattress if possible. One swipe of their claws could easily puncture the mattress.

Of course, you could always purchase a durable serta air mattress, or another reputable mattress brand with a proven history of retaining air over long periods of time. If not, the information above is all you’ll need. Now you understand how portable air beds are made, and some of the common ways leaks may occur. With a little caution and some common sense, you’ll be enjoying your queen air mattres for years to come.

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