Inverted Nipple Repair

What is an Inverted Nipple Repair?

An inverted nipple repair usually takes about one to two hours. The procedures typically only requires a local anesthesia and is often done in Dr. Morris Ritz’s office. The result is a beautiful nipple that looks natural and attractive. An inverted nipple occurs when the milk duct system connecting the nipple to the chest wall is too short causing an inversion.  An inverted nipple repair is done so that the nipple projects out from the breast. The successful result is a reshaped the nipple and areola and retention of nipple and breast sensitivity.  The new nipple projection is permanent. Incisions are only at the nipple so scarring is barely visible. The milk ducts may, or may not,  be left intact to preserve the ability for breastfeeding.

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Why  Inverted Nipple Repair ?

It may be embarrassing for some women that have inverted nipples. Inverted nipples may lie flat against each breast or sometimes pull in beneath the areola. This may be a source of self consciousness but usually does not affect the ability to breast feed.

When is Inverted Nipple Repair Appropriate?

An inverted nipple repair correction is often done for cosmetic purposes to ease and eliminate the self-consciousness  women may feel about the condition. An inverted nipple repair is appropriate if the candidate is qualified physically and mentally. It is most often for appearance improvement purposes and usually not needed for women to be able to nurse. 

Where are Inverted Nipple Repair Procedures Done?

Dr. William S. Saber is a board certified plastic surgeon that has experience completing inverted nipple repair procedures and has successfully completed the procedure in his office many times. Depending on the surgical procedure and the patient’s anatomy an inverted nipple repair requires one to two hours. 

Who is a good Inverted Nipple Repair Candidate?

Women who qualify for an inverted nipple repair should be 18 years or older, not pregnant or nursing, healthy, mentally stable, have good reasons for wanting to improve the appearance of their breasts, and have clear expectations for what the procedure will and will not do for them. Dr. Morris Ritz will interview each candidate to ensure the procedure is appropriate. 

How is an Inverted Nipple Repair procedure done?

The two types of inverted nipple repairs include procedures that leave the milk ducts intact and procedures that disconnect the milk ducts. It is done in the office and only requires local anesthesia.  In each case, inverted nipple repair should result in naturally beautiful looking nipples that project appropriately.

Dr. Morris Ritz is a board certified plastic surgeon and a specialist in inverted nipple repair for the Denver, Colorado community. He has the vision needed to properly locate and shape an inverted nipple.

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